Edmonton Airport Taxi or Limousine – Getting The Best Value For Your Money

YEG Airport is not in the most convenient location, unless you live in Leduc. If driving or getting a ride from someone you know isn’t an option, that means you often left with two choices:

Edmonton Airport Taxi or Limousine?

Many Edmontonians choose to take a taxi, believing it is the more affordable option. However, once you start to compare the differences between the two options, you may be surprised at how affordable an airport limousine service is and by the benefits a limousine has over an airport taxi service.

Taxi Driver vs. Chauffeur Service

Taxi and car-sharing drivers (Uber and Lift), by design, spend their entire working day on the road dealing with stress from random passengers and traffic. Their focus is not to provide you with the best service but rather to complete as many “jobs” as possible. Your experience will vary from driver to driver; will your next taxi driver be talkative, sullen, controversial, inexperienced, talking on a cellphone, listening to music when you want to relax, etc.

Professional limousine drivers are different. They are trained to provide a professional, consistent and safe service for each and every client. Chauffeurs do not spend their day driving around waiting for bookings. They are fresh, attentive and ready to provide the best experience for their passengers.


Taxis and car-sharing vehicles vary from driver to driver in terms of cleanliness, wear-and-tear, roominess and comfort. After all, the primary focus for taxi drivers is to maximize the number of passengers (profit) they can get in a day. Furthermore, leaving the Edmonton airport (YEG) after a long flight in a cramped airplane seat only to get into the backseat of a standard taxi vehicle affects the ability for you to recharge and relax.

However, limousines and black car/SUVs are specially designed vehicles with all the modern safety, comfort and luxury features you won’t find in a taxi; unbelievable leg room, personal environmental controls, business-class comfort, and more. Remember, dependability, cleanliness and professionalism defines the best limousine companies and client experience.


Taxis can be an impersonal experience. They tend to be more interested in dropping you off and getting their next fare. There is no consistency to providing you with a tailored experience to meet your needs. Ordering a cab means you will get whoever is closest and hopefully at the time you request.

On the other hand, limousines are designed to provide an amazing customer experience. Dependable and bespoke service as requested (bottles of water in the car, multiple stops, delayed flight, etc.) will be met with a friendly, professional driver ready to serve your needs.


Edmonton airport limousine services are surprisingly affordable. It’s essentially the same price as a cab (or maybe a few dollars more) but when you look at the value for money, the choice is simple:

  • Amazing customer service and peace of mind
  • Immaculate, modern vehicles
  • Luxurious comfort and amenities
  • Professional drivers
  • An experience tailored to your needs
  • Affordable

Edmonton Airport Taxi or Limousine?

Tripadvisor contributors discussed the merits of airport limousines vs. taxis and their preference was unanimous.

Try airport limousine services the next time you need to get to or from the airport. It’s an experience worth repeating.

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